Do Unto Others And Other Momism's

Do Unto Others And Other Momism's
Remember the things your mom used to say again and again? I think of them as a part of every mothers mantra; a momtra perhaps? Some of these momism's were funny, some we did not understand at the time or never and some were simply ignored because we knew she would not really do that to us. I was sure my mother would never skin my alive, it did not matter how annoyed and frustrated she became with my antics.

Some we later learned were profound, my mother's "God don't like ugly" was simply her way and her mother's before her, was a way of saying, treat people the way you want to be treated.

"Be careful how you pick your friends" I know for sure that my mom often listened to the chatter that went on when I sat on the stoop with friends. It did not occur to me that she did until after I was married and began reminiscing about mother's with a group of friends. I recall the time my mom asked(perhaps told is a better word) me to come into the house, she then asked me why I had not laughed along with my friends about a joke, I recall telling her the truth, I did not think it was funny. My answer must have suited her because I was allowed to return to the stoop and sit with my friends again. It's funny how things stay with you. Some momism's you remember because they were in response to something you said, once after having a serious conversation with my mother, I explained to her that I was now an adult and would work out things on my own, my mother's response? "You will always be my baby," you can't argue with that logic and that love.

I share my own mother's momism's with you.

Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.

God don't like ugly.

You can't find it? Well, where did you have it last?

You don't understand now, but you will when you're older.

You kids are trying to drive me crazy!

Why? Because I said so!

You kids are getting on my last nerve.

You look at me when I'm talking to you.

Answer me when I ask you a question.

Sometime's I wish I could just walk away, just walk away.

I miss you already.

This last momism was my heartbreaker, my mother would say it as I was getting ready to take a trip, whether for pleasure or business, those word's were always just a breath away from her lips. It was her best momism, many year's later when a good friend died, on my flower's for her send off was her name and the word's "I miss you already."

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