Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit
Do you remember reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit as a child? The original Beatrix Potter series has been a hit with children and families for over 100 years. The story primarily centers around the son of a single mother bunny raising four young bunnies- Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton- Tail , and Peter. Their father was killed and served in a pie to the mean old gardener nearby, Mr. MacGregor. He remains a constant, dangerous presence in the newer series as well, as does the sly old Fox, Mr. Tod.

If this is making you nostalgic, get ready to reacquaint yourself with your beloved characters- Nickelodeon has added Peter Rabbit to its lineup of preschool shows!

The show follows Peter, his cousin Benjamin Bunny, and their new friend Lily on their adventures- or misadventures- in Lake District, the part of England where they live. For those who may not be familiar with the main characters, here’s a rundown:

Peter Rabbit is the central character of the series. He’s brave, smart, adventurous and funny, and always getting himself into hairy situations- much like his father before him. He wears his father’s blue coat, and is constantly fighting the battle between being good and mischievous.

Benjamin Bunny is Peter’s cousin and best buddy. He’s a little younger than Peter, and much more cautious. Always ready to join Peter in an adventure, he’s extremely loyal and can be counted on in a pinch.

Lily Bobtail is new to the area, and not a character in the original books. Her father was a city doctor, and they recently moved to the area when her father took the position of becoming a country doctor in their town. She loves to read and is very logical and observant, which is often helpful in their adventures. She’s also quite loquacious, a trait that the boys sometimes find trying.
Mrs. Bunny is Peter’s mother. She is raising the bunnies alone, after the death of her husband (we learn this indirectly). Peter knows that no matter what troubles he finds himself in, his mom is always ready to welcome him home with open, accepting arms.

Flopsy and Mopsy are Peter’s older identical twin sisters. Although they love their brother, they’re always ready to explain to Peter the error of his ways. They’re also very feminine, girly bunnies.
Cotton- Tail is the youngest sister, and just a toddler. She loves Peter to pieces, and often tries to follow him, somehow frequently ending up in his adventures.

Mr. Tod is the sly Fox who lives in Lake District. He’s been trying to get to the bunnies for a long time, thinking them a tasty treat. He tries to use his wit and charm to outfox them (pun intended), but Peter and his friends always manage to allude him.

This is such a cute show! My little ones love it, and I have to admit, I love it, too. It reminds me of the Peter Rabbit I knew and loved as a child, and this Peter is just like I imagined him to be. Although Lily isn’t an original character, she fits right in, and I can well imagine that if Beatrix Potter had created a female lead, she would have been much like Lily. Give this show a look at your earliest convenience- you won’t be sorry.

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