Pet Unicorn - Care

Pet Unicorn - Care
The unicorn can be quite shy and timid. They will habitually render themselves invisible until danger passes. Unicorns are furiously protective of their young. They love to leap into the air cavorting with their friends. Weird and wonderful occurrences can happen when a unicorn is nearby. Because of this, many believe that unicorn is magical. The magical properties of the unicorn has never been proven. Then again, it has never been disproven either. Let's examine the world of the pet unicorn as exotic pets.

At night unicorns emit a natural radiance. While running through the night the glow leaves a temporary trail behind them, sparkling in various hues.

Unicorn pictures

I attempted to get a unicorn picture of my pet unicorn. Pictures of unicorns are very hard to get because they are quite timid. Mine evidently is very camera shy. You can see in the picture an image of a unicorn right before he disappeared. However, you can see his aura. Notice the radiance left behind.

The lifespan of the unicorn is unknown. Only a small number of people have seen dead unicorns. A few archaeologists have unearthed the remains of unicorns including intact heads with the singular horn protruding from the center of the forehead.

The young will stay with their mother and father for fifty years or more. They have very strong family groups.

Unicorns have a complicated diet which could prove to be challenging to properly care for a unicorn as a pet. They love herbs especially the flowering parts of the herb plants. They also eat new and tender shoots off of many plants. They seem to adore fresh mushrooms, but only the mushrooms that sprout from the damp earth at night. They eat many fruits; especially fond of kiwis, raspberries, and paw paws. They absolutely adore four-leaf clovers. Because of their extreme fondness of four-leaf clovers this would make an excellent treat for the animal or as a training aid.

They must have fresh water, and I do mean very fresh. It must come from a cool, fast moving stream or a waterfall. If the water has been contaminated they simply will refuse to drink water. They will catch raindrops with their tongue or lick the fresh morning dew off plants.

As I mentioned before, they are timid and become frighten. The disappearing can become a problem when working with your unicorns. We use to convince kindly fairies to dazzle the unicorn, making them reappear. But fairies are becoming very hard to find. Human encroachment has caused tremendous habitat loss and fairies are endangered, nearing extinction.

We have found another method to astonish the unicorn back from invisibility. You will have to make it yourself but, it is pretty easy. Take a quart fruit jar, diamond glitter, and a glow stick. Cut open the glow stick and pour the contents into the jar. Add the diamond glitter and shake. Keep the ingredients of the glow stick off your skin and also don't ingest it. The affect only lasts a short time and is only good for one use. This will wow your unicorn back to material form. If you use a real fairy be patient with the unicorn, they do act rather silly after seeing a fairy.

My concerns about having a unicorn as a pet is first, they are very difficult to feed and supply with fresh water. Second, they do need a lot of running and frolicking space to be happy and healthy. Ask yourself if you can truly provide for the needs of a unicorn. You have to also consider their extremely long life spans. What would the unicorn do if confined and something should happen to you?

Since North Korea has proven the existence of unicorns, finding the grave of the unicorn and the unicorn lair of the unicorn that King Dongmyeong rode, I don't think anyone can doubt this evidence that unicorns are real.

A brief flight of fantasy is occasionally called for....

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