Reducing Cell Phone and Computer Radiation

Reducing Cell Phone and Computer Radiation
Electronics release light and radiation that is unhealthy to the body and harmful to sleep. Radiation affects the cells in your body. Radiation causes anxiety, sleeplessness and illness. Protect yourself from light and radiation so that you can relax, sleep and feel healthy.

Reducing radiation and feeling better is simple. Be mindful to hold a cell phone one or two inches from your head while in use. Always point a cell phone antenna away from you. Text instead of calling to save time and reduce radiation. Never text while driving as this is dangerous to you and other people. Always drive to a safe area away from the flow of traffic and stop the vehicle completely before using a phone.

Use the speakerphone whenever possible. Try using a small phone receiver that attaches to your cell phone when you are at home, to avoid placing a cell phone near your head. All of these small steps will lessen radiation and prevent it from affecting your body.

Turning off your phone before sleep is healthy for your body. If that is not possible, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before sleep is also helpful. Using the Airplane Mode option on your phone a few hours before you need to sleep will shut off most radiation producing activities on the phone. You will not be able to access the Internet or make calls while the phone is in Airplane Mode but this will allow you to feel more relaxed and sleep better.

It’s good to let your mind and body rest while you are sleeping. You can easily change the settings on your phone whenever you need to. If you are someone that has trouble sleeping, it may be worth a few minutes to try shutting off certain functions on your phone just to see if it helps you to feel better.

Medical studies have shown that blue light and radiation are harmful to health and sleep. Blue light negatively affects eye health and eyesight over time. Blue light also reduces the production of necessary hormones in the body like Melatonin, which is essential for sleep. On most cell phones there is an option to Invert Colors. This option can be accessed in the general settings menu of your cell phone. Inverting the colors on your phone will reduce certain colors and make the ones that remain similar to black and white, which can be very relaxing to your eyes and mind.

Inverting the colors reduces the amount of blue light that can affect you and your sleep. Try inverting the colors at least an hour before you would like to be sleeping and you will notice improvement in how you feel. Inverting the colors on your phone will immediately relax you, relieve anxiety and improve your sleep.

When using a computer, it is helpful to place a filter on the screen that reduces blue light, glare and radiation. A filter for the computer screen will support your sleep. Filters to block harmful light and radiation are available for both computers and cell phones. Also available is f.lux free software that reduces the amount of blue light on a computer.

Also to reduce radiation, move a computer monitor and processor a safe distance away from your body. Charge the battery at times when you are not using the computer or phone. Do not use electronics while the battery is charging. Heat and radiation levels are high during this time, and the process is unhealthy for you.

Remember that cordless phones and their charging stations emit large amounts of radiation. Use corded phones when possible. It is also good to use a corded keyboard and a corded mouse for your computer if you should need them. Wireless devices of any kind produce radiation that you will feel. Avoid eating food or drinks that have been heated in a Microwave. Avoiding radiation will greatly improve the way that you feel and sleep. Reducing radiation is important for everyone, and especially for children.

Avoid letting small children play with cell phones. Radiation is more harmful for children because their bodies are developing and growing. Lots of times babies are attracted to cell phones. If you find yourself in this situation, put the phone in Airplane Mode so that it will not send and receive signals and produce radiation. But keep in mind that it is safer and healthier for children to not be playing with cell phones. If you have older children that are using cell phones, encourage them to keep the phone away from their head when in use, and teach them healthy ways to reduce radiation.

At all times it is beneficial to have fresh air flowing near electronics when they are charging and when they are in use. This will reduce heat and radiation near your body. Turning off electronics a few hours before bedtime assists with relaxation. Covering or removing electronics in your bedroom will bring sleep. Lessening your exposure to radiation will let you feel healthier and sleep restfully.


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