Think back to your absolute favorite memory of all time. Now imagine being able to revisit that memory any time that you want to. Along comes Reverie. Reverie is a virtual reality program that captures social media footprints and allows the user to relive their favorite memories as often as they want to. You can even resurrect a loved one from the grave. Its a waking dream of your own design. The problem is that some people's minds are severing ties with reality and want to stay in the program.

The show opens with a man in a coma. Viewers learn that the man is one of 7 recent Reverie users that have fallen into a coma. Dennis Haysbert (24, Allstate commercials) is Charlie Ventana, a retired police chief who is security consultant and operations manager for the company that developed the Reverue program. He is tasked with finding a solution to reverse the recent comas. He recruits a former co-worker and friend, Mara Kint, who used to be a hostage negotiator. He offers a job that comes with the responsibility of entering the Reverie program and rescuing the recent coma victims.

We get a look into the former negotiator's past. A flashback reveals her brother-in-law pulling a gun on her sister and niece. Jamie tries to talk her brother-in-law out of shooting her sister and niece but when he hears the impeding police sirens, he shoots them and then he shoots himself. This causes Mara to leave her former job and leads her to her current position as a college professor.

Onira-Tech is the company that developed Reverie. Each customer receives an implant that fuses with their neurological system. In order to enter Reverie and rescue the comatose patients, Mara must be implanted as well.

Mara agrees to take the new job. She is given a crash-course on Reverie and enters to the program to meet up with a patient named Tony. Tony has entered Reverie and refused to leave because in the Reverie program, he can be with his deceased wife. Tony's wife died when he and her were in a car accident. He blames himself for the crash.

Mara is fascinated at all that she can do in Reverie. It's a heaven-like place where she can experience everything good and nothing bad. She enters Reverie and convinces Tony to come back to reality where his young daughter and brother are waiting for him however she also has to face a few of her own demons.

Reverie comes on CBS on on Fridays. You can catch up on past episodes on CBS on Demand.

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