I am socially unacceptable. Not because of who I am. It is because I am an exotic pet owner. Sure, I love dogs and cats. Nevertheless, I also enjoy sharing my home with a skunk, ferret, a raccoon, and a large variety of other exotic pets. I am a responsible pet owner. I make sure I know everything I possible can about an animal before I bring that animal home. I know that I am responsible for this pet. I am financial responsible for this animal and the care that it needs. I am morally responsible to know that I must keep my pet safe from other people and keep other people safe from my pet.

I am discriminated against, not because I am a woman, or my choice of religion or even because of my race. I am discriminated against because of my choice of pet. Some states and local governments try to tell me I cannot have my pet. Many exotic pets have been bred domestically for a hundred if not thousands of years. However, are still considered wild. These domestic bred pets are just that, domestic and could never survive in the wild on their own.

There is a hot legal debate going on right now. There are many laws pending that are taking away our rights!

Exotic Pet owners are not causing the extinction of endangered species or the decline of endangered species. We are helping the cause with awareness. Many species have no chance of survival at all except with captive breeding programs. Habitat destruction, along with poaching, is the cause of the endangerment of many species of animals; these animals stand little chance.

Captive breeding is the only hope of survival for many animal species. The approximate 2000 zoos around the world cannot possibly breed enough animals to preserve these endangered species! There are as many tigers in captive breeding programs as there is in the wild. The tiger is a critically endangered species! Their numbers sadly continue to decline. This is only an example of one animal that is endangered. There are many animals very close to extinction and extinction means gone forever.

Occasionally you will see an incident where an exotic pet has injured or even has killed someone. These isolated incidents are blown out of proportion. Many animal groups would rather see a pet destroyed than have him placed in a loving home. Extremists are making the word pet a dirty name. Fanatics never want to see an exotic animal as a pet. I disagree. Many of us out there are responsible pet owners. Yes, there are also people out there that should never own a pet. However, a percentage of the population should never give birth to a child. PETA Kills Exotic Pets and Pets by the Thousands

Help others understand. In states that have made our pets illegal, we are unable to get proper health care for our pets. If our pets are discovered, they are seized and destroyed.

There are alternatives to making exotic pets illegal, education of exotic animal owners in proper care and handling of these species and educating the public! Join with me to get the proper knowledge out there. Send this link to Exotic Pets BellaOnline to everyone you know. Then have them pass it to everyone they know! Let us get the word out! Please do not discriminate against the exotic pet! We have rights too! We can make a difference if we all work together.

Be aware of current potential legislation in regards to exotic pets and keep a look out daily for new legislation introduced. They can sneak new laws passed pretty fast. Good way to keep track of the sneaky critters Track Congress

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