Family Matters

 Family Matters
The title of this article can be understood two ways: "... because your 'Family Matters' to you...." or "In the realm of my life I am taking care of Family Matters." Much has changed since we were children, the pace of ours lives has picked up to a jogging sprint and it seems that technology has exploded, or has it run simply amok? However you understand the title both ways are fine and dandy. I offer some tips to help you balance your life.

Learn to Take Time For Yourself
We often have so many responsibilities that we don't take time for ourselves, or if we do we don't allow ourselves' to wallow in that pleasure. Snatching five minutes for a quick smoke (yes, I know, but folks still smoke) or standing near the stove with a cup of tea is not savoring "ME" time. Why not set the clock one hour earlier in the morning for quiet time. Are you saying, "Gosh, I already get up at 6 to awaken the family." Isn't that extra effort worth it to you for a cup of coffee or tea in the absolute quiet of your home? Even if your mind is racing your body will be sitting still. Don't worry you can learn how to do this.

On Giving Advice
As a parent or simply someone the other person trusts, it is best to think twice before you give advice, because good or bad, it could have a lasting impact on the person that receives the advice--now that's power to the max.

Practice What You Preach Or Children Do What They See Not Always What They Hear.
Whenever possible, let your actions do your talking. Children are not the only one's watching you, there are others in your circle who watch and listen, as well.

Your Opinion Matters
Young children are much like sponges, they soak up what is spilled on and around them. When young people hear someone, especially a loved one, saying disparaging remarks about a person or race of people those remarks often stick. The child may believe the remark to be true, you may have said it in the heat of anger, but that does not matter, the fact is, you have said it. Your little sponge has absorbed it.

Your Resentment/Disrespect is Showing
Do you know someone who seems to resent anything good that happens to another or a friend? You may choose to dismiss the person's reaction and say, "it's just his way" and that may be so, but is it a good way? Know that being displeased that a person is chosen for a higher position or given a raise, is not reason to make negative or clever cutting remarks--it is not the adult thing to do. And be honest if you are the one showing disrespect or resentment you know there is nothing worse than having your own words come back to mock you.

And Finally
Learn not to sweat the small stuff. I know it's not all small stuff, but some of it may not be as big it seems at first glance.

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