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Short and useful tips about Spanish grammar, spelling, verbs and more.

Improve your Spanish with Telenovelas! star
5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Spanish Without Ever Entering a Classroom by Ruth Kunstadter

Placement of Direct and Indirect Object pronouns. star
Where to place them when there are infinitives, gerunds or command forms, in the sentence?

Position of Spanish D.O. and I.O. Pronouns star
Before the verb? Which one first? The Direct or the Indirect Object Pronoun?

Spanish language Tip - Letter c pronunciation star
Two basic and easy to remember rules to correctly pronounce letter "c" in Spanish.

Spanish language tip of the month. Los Colores. star
Some basics about Spanish colors nouns and adjectives.

Spanish Language Tip ¿Miedo a? or ¿Miedo de? star
¡Ah, Spanish prepositions! But don't worry, the answer is clear!

Spanish language tip. Using haya, halla and aya star
Learn about these three different Spanish words, their spelling and how to use them.

Spanish languagetip - Diéresis. star
What is "diéresis"? When can we use it? This article includes the answers to these questions, and some examples.

Spanish tip - star
What is the difference between Spanish "deber" and "deber de"? This article explains both uses and gives you some examples, so you can understand it. With quiz to review what you learn!

Spanish Tip - Comparatives and numbers star
Más que? or Más de? Learn how to use comparatives and numbers in Spanish!

Spanish Tip - Interrogative pronouns accentuation star
Should Spanish interrogative pronouns take an accent?

Spanish tip - La gente (People) star
La gente... Singular or plural in Spanish?

Spanish Tip - Las una or La una? star
When telling the time in Spanish, is the form "Es las una." correct?

Spanish tip - one more / un-una más star
How would you translate "One more apple, please"?

Spanish Tip - Plural of Proper Names star
García or Garcías? Learn when to use the plural of Spanish proper names.

Spanish Tip - Spanish Adverbs Delante and Adelante star
What´s the difference between these two Spanish adverbs?

Spanish tip of the month – Polisemia - Polysemy star
What is "polisemia"? Learn about Spanish polysemous words using examples.

Spanish tip of the month. Telling the time star
Some important points on how to express time in Spanish. From ¿Qué hora es? to time abbreviations such as t, m or s.

Spanish Tip of the month. Cien or Ciento? star
Learn to know when to use either ´cien´ or ´ciento´.

Spanish Tip of the month. Nieva, nueva, nueve? star
These four words (nieva, nieve, nueve, nuevo and nueva), being so similar, may sometimes be difficult to understand and remember, isn't it?

Spanish Tip of the month. Numbers! star
Some brief tips about the use of Spanish numbers like "un", "uno", "cien", "ciento", "quinientos" and "mil".

Spanish tip of the month. Plural of 'hay'? star
Can the Spanish form 'hay' be used in plural?

Spanish tip of the month. También and tampoco star
Learn more about Spanish "también" and "tampoco", their translations and how to use them. Examples included.

Spanish tip of the month. ¿Qué hora es? star
Some notes, uses and spelling rules for "la hora" in Spanish.

Spanish tip – Prepositions star
Learn how to use Spanish prepositions "a" and "en".

Spanish tip. Donde, adonde or en donde? star
Do you know what is the difference between "a donde" and "en donde"?

Spanish Tip. Prepositions EN and A star
I thought I could tell you today about the use of "EN" and "A", as I noticed some Spanish language students find it hard whenever they try to use the right preposition. I know Spanish prepositions are sometimes difficult, but we have some clues on how to use the right one.

Spanish tip. Three ways to use 'se' star
Doubts about how to use the Spanish pronoun "se"?

Spanish tip. Using capital letters (“mayúsculas”) star
Learn about the use of capital letters in Spanish.

Tip - Accents and Spanish Compound Words. star
Do you know how accents rules work with Spanish compound words?

Tip - Spanish adjectives - Gender agreement star
Adjectives qualifying two or more nouns at the same time. Should we use a masculine of feminine adjective in Spanish?

Tip of the Month - 'Comiste' or 'Comistes'?? star
Some people, when using the second person singular of the preterite tense, they add a final ´s´...

Tip of the Month - A vs. HA star
So, what´s the difference between these two Spanish words?

Tip of the Month - About 'un' and 'uno' star
Should I use "un"? "uno"? Read more!

Tip of the Month - Conjunctions -y- and -e-. star
Both "y" and "e" are translated as "and", and they are conjunctions.

Tip of the Month - Days and months are... star
Masculine? Days and months?? Yes, that simple. In Spanish, both, names of months and days of the week always take the masculine form.

Tip of the Month - Detrás de ti or Detrás tuyo? star
A lot of native Spanish think both forms are right, but, that´s not true. Let´s see why.

Tip of the month - Otro - Otra - Otros - Otras star
Using 'another' in Spanish. No indefinite article!

Tip of the Month - Pronouncing long Spanish words star
I guess you have sometimes found very (or quite) difficult to pronounce some Spanish words, specially if they are very long, that is, words with four or more syllables, right?

Tip of the Month - Spanish Future Tense star
Learn how to conjugate Spanish Future tense (regular verbs) and don´t forget we have a new poll!

Tip of the Month - Spanish letter -h- star
The answer is: Never!

Tip of the Month - Using 'abajo' star
Learn how to use the adverb 'abajo'. Find some rules and examples to make it easier!

Tip of the Month - Using the verb Haber. star
Haber can be used either as an auxiliary or as a verb meaning "there is" / "there are". What about plurals??

Tip of the Month - Verbs ending in -bir. star
Which of the following verbs is correct? Escribir or Escrivir??

Tip of the Month - Words ending in -ción or -sión. star
Talking about Spanish nouns (substantives), we already have a general rule: words ending in -a are feminine.

Tip of the Month - Words ending in -dad. star
Let´s refresh some ideas about feminine nouns (substantives) endings.

Tip of the Month - ¿hay? ¿ahí? ¿ay? star
Their pronunciation is so similar! But they have different uses and meanings.

Tip of the month. False cognates star
Learn more about "False Cognates", or "Amigos Falsos", words with similar spelling but with different meaning in both languages.

Tip of the month. G or J? star
Do you know when to write a Spanish word with letter "g"? Or should you write a "j" instead?

Tip of the month. Spanish Relative Pronoun star
Can Spanish relative 'que' pronoun be omitted?

Tip of the week - M before B and P. star
Learn more about this Spanish language rule, and don´t forget to take a look at the poll!

Uses of interrogative pronouns Qué and Cuál. star
Why "¿Cuál árbol es más grande?" is wrong?

Using masculine articles with feminine nouns star
"Un alma" or "Una alma"?

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