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Here are the top ten articles for the Art Appreciation Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. A Discussion on Sketching and Drawing
Is a sketch and drawing identical? Yes and no. I will explain the similarities/differences and artists who were practitioners (for various reasons).

2. Bridges in Art
An engineering marvel that spans bodies of water, bridges connect us to distant shores. Artists have seen bridges as the subject or an accessory in the landscape. I will discuss the artist’s fascination.

3. Amusements in Art
Defined as 'something thar provides entertainment' by Oxford dictionary, I will discuss subjects that artists found fascinating in this context- circus, theater, cinema, amusement park, and games.

4. The Self in Art
We live in a society where selfies and self-obsession abound. Was this the reason artists created self-portraits over time, or was it something else? I will explain.

5. Late Bloomers in Art
Artists such as Grandma Moses may come to mind as she began painting in her 70s. However, artists who already established themselves at a young age, had breakthrough productivity later in life. I will explain.

6. Art in Ocean's 8 Movie 2018
With an all-star cast, this film is about a fictional jewelry heist at the Met, with highlights from the museum's collection. I will discuss works, some I recognize from first glance, others new finds.

7. Geometry in Art
As one of the oldest branches of mathematics, geometry takes on many forms found in nature that have been expressed through the medium of art. I will discuss work by artists you may recognize. Or not.

8. 'I Was Here' in Art
From the earliest civilizations, humans have left a historical record of their existence in many art forms. I will explain the importance of 'being seen', then and now.

9. The Politicization of Art & Artists
Today, most everything is put under a microscope for examination and scrutiny, especially if it is one's opposing viewpoint. Society has laws that should be heeded, but what if art/artists cross the line? I will explain.

10. Damaged, Missing, and Theft of Art
Because of political and cultural differences, sadly, many countries have suffered from the looting, plundering, and theft of art. Some contemporary artists destroy their art just for fun (really!).

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