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The Importance of Subitizing
Subitizing is being able to automatically identify the quantity of a set of objects without actually counting the objects. This is a very important skill in terms of number sense.

How to Teach Your Child Cardinality & Counting
Cardinality is a concept under the umbrella term number sense. It is vitally important in a child's future math skills. Find out how to work on cardinality and counting with your preschooler.

One To One Correspondence Activities
You probably have heard the term "one-to-one correspondence," but you may not know what it means. One to one correspondence is a part of the broader term "number sense" which is the foundation for all math. Read this article to find out what one to one correspondence is and how you can teach it.

Number Sense Development
Number sense can be considered the foundation of all other math skills. How does it develop in young children? Is it innate? Or does it need to be taught?

Number Sense : The Foundation of Math
Counting from memory is a fun and exciting milestone to watch develop in your child. Statistics show that the development of number sense in a child entering kindergarten is highly predictive of their future math skills. Find out what number sense is, and why it is very important.

Movement Based Letter Recognition Activities
Check out these engaging activities to teach your child letter names and letter sounds.

Movement Based Word Segmentation Activities
Word segmentation is a very important pre-reading skill. Teach your child how to segment words with these movement based activities.

Movement Based ABC Activities
Teach your kids the alphabet and letter sounds with these 3 fun activities.

How To Teach Your Preschooler the Alphabet
Learning letters and letter sounds is a very important preschool and kindergarten milestone. Do you know how to teach your child this necessary skill? Read on for some ideas.

Baking Oat Bran Berry Muffins With Preschoolers
Get your preschooler in the kitchen baking with you and try out this kid-friendly Oat Bran Berry Muffin recipe.

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