Instagram 'Instant' Journal

Instagram 'Instant' Journal
Just about everyone with a smartphone has heard of the APP Instagram. A unique style of journaling for this generation. Instagram is instant gratification, instant sharing and instant receiving. I use Instagram but find it a bit hollow and cold. I see what my friends and family are doing via images, videos and word snapshots, yet there is no real connection. In fact, connection seems to lessen with each new ‘instant’ APP invention.

When HRH, the Prince of Cambridge was born there were 2,262 blogged inside Instangram when his birth was announced. Hashtags like #buckinghampalace and #royalbaby began showing up. Even the Royal Family added followers to their official account ~ @the_british_monarchy where the first announcement was shared with their followers. The world held a false perception that they were somehow sharing a personal connection with the Royal Family. There was a connection, but not a personal life changing connection. They were connected via facts and events that shape the world from a humanity standpoint.

Or. . .take the arrival of Pope Frances in Rio de Janero, Brazil. There were 1,296 blogged notes inside Instagram on the kick off of his 7 day visit. Many of those bloggers were part of the 1.5 million pilgrims to Brazil to see the Pope in person.

Or. . .take @dressupbox. You ask what that is? Followers posted 1,240 blogged notes. . .the same as Pope Frances but for very different reasons. @dressupbox is a makeup artist named Hannah Concannon. She attributes Instagram as reinventing herself over the last 6 months. What was the inspiration for @dressupbox? According to Hannah herself, “In late 2012 a friend and I embarked upon a 50-day art challenge." Hannah says. “We both wanted to build portfolios for various programs we were applying to and also experiment with different mediums. In 2013 my friend upped the ante and challenged me to create one costume a day, and The Dress Up Box was born."
You can experience as Hannah channels into costumes following her on Instagram: @dressupbox.

Instagram does have the potential to change people, bring world new events closer to home and witness religious experiences second hand. So many people are using Instagram now that their time has become compromised. Those who use to blog now Instagram. Those who used to take photos and share with family now share via Instagram expanding their audience. Those who used to write letters now Instagram quick moments. Those who used to journal now use Instagram to track much of their life. We have become a generation of instant everything!

I now call Instagram the worlds instant journal. But in the truest sense of the word, it is only a substitute for a journal. Journaling draws one into personal and private reflection, while Instagram draws one into exhibition not private reflection. Journaling draws one into self reflection while Instagram draws one into self confirming. Journaling draws one into healing emotions, while Instagram draws one into pretending.

There is nothing wrong with Instagram. . .I love it and use it! But it is just an extension and tool in my life. I still journal faithfully and use Instagram to highlight my journaling points. I journal and if I see an image that reflects what my daily journal writing has revealed then I take the image and share it with my followers. Take caution with new technologies and use them to enrich your lives, not replace your lives. Follow me on my new journaling prompts on Instagram . . . @bellaonlinejournals and see my ‘instant journaling prompts for the day.’

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