Basics of Investing

Learn the basics of investing to make money in stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, mutual funds, and money market funds.

7 Tips for Choosing a Mutual Fund star
How do you find the right mutual fund for you? These 7 tips offer ways to narrow that fund search.

Advantages of Rental Property star
Rental property can be a great investment. There are many advantages to owning rental properties. Do you know the advantages to being a landlord?

Analytical Tools Used in Forex Trading Strategies star
Enjoy a guest article on trading strategies in dealing with currencies.

Are ETFs Better Than Mutual Funds? star
ETFs (exchange traded funds) have a number of advantages over mutual funds.

Bear Market Protection star
How to invest to protect your portfolio aganist a bear market in stocks.

BellaOnline Investing Newsletter Sign-Up star
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College Grads and Investing star
Congratulations! You have finished your degree. The world and job market await you. Investing does too. Now is the time to start to invest for your future.

Commodity Investing Risks star
Do you know the risks of investing in commodities? Commodities can post impressive returns. They can also hand an investor huge losses. Knowing the risks of commodity investing can help you create a strategy to offset these risks.

Contrarian Investing star
Contrarian investing means not investing in what is popular. It also means long-term investing success.

Disadvantages of Rental Property star
Owning rental property can be very profitable. Rental property can have its disadvantages though. Successful investors factor in the possible problems before investing. What can go wrong with renting?

Gold as a Financial Insurance Policy star
Individuals should look at gold the same way they look at other insurance policies.

How to Invest Like the Pros Do star
Any individual investor can invest successfully. Just look at how the Harvard and Yale endowment funds do it.

How To Invest in Commodities star
Are you interested in investing in commodities? Unsure how to go about it? Commodities can add some diversity to your portfolio. Now that commodities have become popular many investment products exist to help you get exposure to commodities.

How to Reduce the Effects of Inflation star
Inflation is a concern for every investor. How do you combat it? These options may help.

Municipal Bonds Explained star
Are you in a high federal income tax bracket? Does your state collect a high income tax? Then you may want to consider investing in municipal bonds. Municipal bonds are bonds that are issued by a state government/municipality.

No Ratings Agencies Reform star
The US ratings agencies say "We cannot be trusted."

Protecting your holdings with various sell orders star
This article is about various sell orders you can deploy to protect your portfolio holdings.

Setbacks breed success star

Should You Buy Gold? star
The mainstream financial media continues to portray gold in a negative light. And the media continues to be wrong.

Time is not Money! star
“It is not the thinkin’ that makes the money; it’s the sittin’ and waitin’ that makes the money”.

Wall Street's Biggest Myth star
Buy and Hold is the biggest myth that Wall Street has "sold" to the general investing public.

What is a Bond? star
Volatility in the stock market can make investing an uncomfortable endeavor. Bonds add balance and stability to any investment portfolio. Do you know what a bond is?

What is a Commodity? star
Do you know what a commodity is? Commodities are the building blocks of the products we buy and eat. Commodities can be a part of an investment portfolio.

What Is A Corporate Bond? star
A corporate bond is a debt obligation issued by a company. You loan a company money through a bond. In return, they promise to repay your initial investment plus interest for the use of your money. A company issues a corporate bond to raise money it needs for operating the company.

What Is A Mutual Fund? star
A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that combines money from many people to buy individual investments. Mutual funds invest in hundreds or thousands of these underlying investments. This provides a convenient way to diversify a portfolio.

What Is A Stock? star
A stock is a part ownership in a company. A share represents that part ownership. Stock is issued by a company to raise money for its operations. Stock in a company gives you the right to share in the profits that the company makes.

Women Drive China's Booming Economy star
China's economy keeps powering ahead. What is the driving force behind China's economic growth? Women....

Your Assets and Liabilities star
Assets and liabilities are of importance in the investing world. An individual investor has his/her own set of assets and liabilities. Do you know yours?

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