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Ableist Language star
Ableism is discrimination against disabled people; ableist language is language that targets disabled people, either on purpose or inadvertently. We would be better off not using ableist words.

Drawbacks and Alternatives to Voluntourism star
What is “voluntourism”? Though it may have drawbacks, some good may come from it, and, better yet, there may be some good alternatives to it.

Global Gendercide star
Gendercide is the killing of people of a certain gender (in this case, girls). Global gendercide is a huge problem that we must take a stand against.

Right to Health star
All human beings are entitled to the human right of health, which is inseparably connected with the human right to life.

The Geneva Conventions star
The Geneva Conventions are highly important because they protect civilians and those who are no longer able to fight. These Conventions remain as timely and relevant to us today as when they were ratified.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights star
As human beings, we have inalienable rights that we are born with. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created to both define and protect these rights. Though it was created just after WWII, it is still as valuable today as it was then.

Understanding Privilege star
Privilege is the concept that some people are inherently given more advantages based on race, gender, social class, and other things. In order to have meaningful dialogues in human rights, we need to be aware of our own privilege and how it influences our world view.

Water as a Human Right star
Access to good, clean water is a necessity to live a healthy life. Does this mean that access to water should be a human right?

What Are Human Rights star
What are human rights, and what are some important topics in human rights? Read on to find out!

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