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Advice for Discussing Racism with Your Children star
Teaching children character building lessons on race relations is one of the most important tasks parents have today. Here are some words of advice to help begin the process.

Books that Teach star
Parents who understand the benefits of reading will make it an important part of their children’s lives. However, which books are best? Here’s information to help parents identify books that teach along with a few recommendations.

Boosting Self-Esteem in Girls star
Bombarded with images of perfection, a decline in self-esteem begins at an early age and research has shown it can have long lasting effects. Here are steps parents can take to change that trend.

Casey Anthony and Dysfunctional Behavior star
The case of a missing child made famous by the disturbing behavior of her mother, brings to light an important question- are dysfunctional behaviors a consequence of nature or nurture?

Cyber-Cheating in School star
Students face challenges in school but parents face challenges as well. Technology makes it easier to cheat and unfortunately, parents are unaware until it’s too late.

Healthy Diets and Healthy Minds star
Kids eating habits don't just shape their bodies, but they also shape their minds. Parents should be aware how a healthy or unhealthy diet affects their kids on a daily basis.

Helping Kids Succeed in School star
As a new school year begins, what can parents do to help their children succeed in school? Here are a few tips to keep your kids on the right track!

Improving Family Online Communication star
Through texting and social media, families are happily connecting electronically. However, this new, immediate and convenient communication can sometimes disrupt family harmony. Here are a few guidelines which can help avoid those written communication problems!

In Defense of Fathers star
For many, the only time fathers are given heavy consideration is on Father’s Day. The role of a father is often underrated and in some families nonexistent. What are the ramifications of the fatherless households and what can Dads do to make a comeback?

Kids and Prescription Drug Abuse star
Alarming and disturbing, prescription drug abuse in kids as young as twelve is on the rise. Are parents unwittingly responsible?

Learning through Music star
Music is great to use when entertaining, but did you know that it's also great to use when teaching? What are the educational benefits for your children when music is a part of their lives?

Mentoring Kids star
Long term mentoring is an important part of a parent’s responsibility. Here are 7 guidelines that can help teach kids essential character building lessons.

OCD in Children and Teens star
The symptoms of OCD in children and teens are often overlooked and misdiagnosed. Early detection by parents can help kids cope with the disorder and get the treatment they need.

Overweight Children star
Obesity in children is problematic and on the rise. Here are a few tips for parents who are ready to promote a healthier lifestyle for their families.

Parenting Styles star
Can you identify your parenting style? Find out the consequences that your parenting behavior may have on your children.

Parents as Bad Influences star
Forget celebrities and athletes, overall, it’s parents who have the biggest influence on their kids. As number one role model, do parents unknowingly teach kids the worst lessons of all? Here are five questions that every parent should ask themselves.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Children star
Stress can cause behavioral changes in your child. Sever stress can cause PTSD, even in children. What should parents look for to alert them that what their child is experiencing is more than just growing pains?

Secret Messages to Bullies star
Many times kids who have difficult home environments act out as bullies, but what about the kids who seem to bully for no reason at all? Can these “pure bullies” be getting subliminal messages of support from their parents?

Siblings and Verbal Abuse star
Verbal abuse between siblings can have far reaching effects into adulthood. What can parents do to help now?

Teach Kids to “Go Green”! star
Here are a few tips to teach children how to do their part to help the environment. Even at an early age children can help!

Teaching Financial Responsibility star
Want to teach your teens the value of money? Here’s a great financial tool that’s been successful in many households!

Text Etiquette for Kids star
Technology have forced responsible adults to educate kids about online predators, cyber bullies and issues of privacy. However, parents should also include another important lesson – Text Etiquette. Since your kids already participate in the “dos”, here are five “don’ts” to pass along to them.

The Bully Victim and Bystander Personalities star
Bullying happens a lot between children, especially in school. Do the victims of bullying share personality traits which makes them a target? What steps can parents take to create a safe environment and stop bullying?

The Kid’s Book of Good Sportsmanship star
Need a good reference guide to teach good sportsmanship to your kids? The Kid’s (and parent too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship may just be the teaching guide you need. Here’s the review.

The Selfish Child star
Are selfish children born or made? Even for siblings growing up in the same household, the overbearingly selfish mindset of one of their brothers or sisters can be baffling. Here are five ways parents contribute to a child’s selfish personality trait and the connection it has with their birth order.

Top 10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Values star[offsite link]
This is a helpful article showing lots of ways to teach your kids values every day. It follows the ideas of teaching "in-the-moment" and leading by example.

What Parents Should Know about "Sexting" star
“Sexting” is an example of how fast technology is evolving to keep up with the current generation. However the legal system can be unforgiving, even to minors. Parents need to be aware of the serious consequences for those involved and the steps they can take to protect their kids.

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