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Art in First Batman Movie (1989)
Quite often the 'first' in many aspects of life is the best. The original 'Batman' has a rich cast and is quite entertaining. The Joker villain epitomizes hate and evil, even when directed towards art. I will discuss.

Seven Deadly Sins in Art
Also known as cardinal sins, not actually found in the Bible, but were mentioned in Pope Gregory I 6th c text "Moralia." They are defined as pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth in Christian teachings.

Justification for Fake Art
When we hear of fake art, understandably, we think of forgery. But what about the commercialism of art? Are there virtues to reproducing or imitating original art? I will discuss.

Damaged, Missing, and Theft of Art
Because of political and cultural differences, sadly, many countries have suffered from the looting, plundering, and theft of art. Some contemporary artists destroy their art just for fun (really!).

Great artist? Who decides?
We might all agree that art is subjective. But what is the secret sauce or magic to becoming famous? Once upon a time it was about having real talent and being discovered. Today may be a different story. I will explain.

Landscape Art
The lushness of vegetation in a painting evokes a sense of relaxation and calmness. With our busy lives, it might do us well to reflect on Nature and its beauty. I will discuss some landscape artists.

Industrial Materials Used in Art
From architecture, to interiors, to sculpture, artists have used industrial components exclusively or in combination with new or found materials. I will discuss examples of stylish and functional works of art.

Art as a Legend
The reasons we remember specific works of art may be subliminal but based on emotion. Was it because of the artist? Puzzling, controversial? I will explain why some works are famous.

One Story on Paint and Painting
Many writers have given their account of the origin of paint and painting. I will share my research into the artistic medium and subsequent human expression.

All About Hair in Art
Men and women with (or without) hair have been celebrated for their tresses in art history, revealing insight into their identity. I will share our society's fascination with hair.

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