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Links to sites for many of the most popular tropical fish in aquaria today.

Animal World´s Freshwater Fishes of the World star[offsite link]
Fish species, grouped into larger orders or families, each with nice photos. Not as complete a site as some others below.

Apple Snails star[offsite link]
Who on Earth could ever think that a whole website devoted to snails could be anything but boring? You will be thinking differently after you see this beautifully designed and fascinating site, complete in every way.

Aquaria Central Freshwater Species Profiles star[offsite link]
Excellent site to start off a search for info on any fish, cross-referenced by common name, species name, or species type.

Aquaria Web Profiles star[offsite link]
Descriptions include map of origin and good info.

Badman’s Individual Fish Description Pageof the Month star[offsite link]
Different species profiles, each written by experienced individuals; highlighted every month with detailed information--shoot to bottom for list of previously profiled fish.

Catfish & Loaches star
Catfish and loaches can be fun aquarium pets.

Cichlids star
Cichlids include angelfish and much more. Read about the famous Cichlids of Lake Malawi!

Dragon Fish for Prosperity star
Dragon Fish are valuable fish with a fascinating history and culture surrounding them.

Fish Profiles star[offsite link]
Finally, a site devoted only to profiling fish species. It does a great job of it also, with nearly 200 fish on the list, and has a handy search function which makes it a great place to start looking for the identity of that unknown species you saw in the store the other day but don´t know enough about to buy.

Freshwater Fish star
There are hundreds of freshwater fish that are perfect for aquariums.

Frogland star[offsite link]
This site, though it seems to appeal most to children and to be a fun site, actually has quite a bit of very good information on frog care in the aquarium, and covers a large number of species.

Guppies for Beginners star
Guppies are wonderful little fishes who are a delight as part of your family!

Loaches On-Line star[offsite link]
Got loaches? Then you absolutely must visit this site! Includes clown loach videos and lots of profiles.

Master Index of Freshwater Fishes star[offsite link]
THE definitive index of just about every freshwater fish you could think of, listed by Latin name... but none are ordered by common name and many do not have photos or species information.

NotCatfish: Findex star[offsite link]
As always, I have been completely impressed by the many things offered by this site. In this case, a huge array of noncatfish species are listed, both by common and scientific name indexes, both of which can be found with the unique search function. The catfish missing from this list can be located at

Other Species star
Snails, frogs, piranha and other exotic fish can be found here. star[offsite link]
Professional and definitive site for piranha fans worldwide.

Planet Catfish star[offsite link]
Bold... absolutely the definitive page for all things catfishy. Highly recommended for catfish fans everywhere.

Richard´s Mudskipper and Goby Web Site star[offsite link]
Interesting page with info on both mudskippers and gobies, plenty of links to go around. star[offsite link]
A beautiful page on keeping these delicate and incredible pets. Seahorses have special needs, but can be kept successfully in a marine tank if you read the articles and follow the good advice on the forums found here.

The Age of Aquariums Gallery star[offsite link]
Truly *fantastic* interactive (!) species descriptions of many, many fish with input from webmaster Marcos Avila and anyone who wants to fill out a feedback form.

The Catalog of Fishes On-Line star[offsite link]
Not for the amateur hobbyist, but this great search engine will shoot out scientific literature citations for species or genera of many fish studied in ichthyology. A great resource for advanced hobbyist interested in learning more.

The Cephalopod Page star[offsite link]
Interested in getting one of the most unusual and intelligent pets you could ever keep in an aquarium? This page has everything on octopus, squid and cuttlefish care, including info on how to keep them as pets in a marine tank. It´s not easy and not for beginners, but if you are considering a real interesting challenge you will never forget, consider an octopus in a SW species tank.

The Desert Pupfish star
The Desert Pupfish is an endangered species who, surprisingly enough survives in the harsh desert environment!

The Tigerfish for Brackish Water star
Here's an example of an excellent brackish water fish for your aquarium!

Tiger Barbs star
Tiger barbs are a great fish to own!

Tiger Barbs Are Awesome! star
Tiger barbs are a great fish to own!

Yoong´s Asian Arowana Page star[offsite link]
Complete and beautifully designed site for "dragonfish" lovers worldwide.

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