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How you view your self and body affects your relationships, career, family, and goals. For a healthy self-esteem, listen to your body, honour your feelings, and be true to yourself!

Low Self-Esteem - How to Remove It star
Do you know what the secret is to removing low-self esteem? Is it a magic potion found in cosmetics, hair dye, or diet pills? Do you remove low-self-esteem in a yoga pose, a gym or the latest weight loss plan? Read this article for the secret to removing low-self-esteem.

An Exercise in Self Acceptance star
How you feel about your body is part of your core self-esteem. Although you may not be able to change much about the body you have inherited, learning to take better care of your body can change how you feel about yourself!

Are You Ready to Stop the Excuses? star
Are you ready to stop the excuses and start living your life? We often go happily through life and then something shakes us out of our comfort zone. You may get invited to a party or your high school reunion. Excuses let you off the hook. They also prevent you from having a little fun.

Be Grateful for the Body That You Have star
Changing your negative thoughts to ones of gratitude can influence how you feel about your body. These few ideas about how to look at your body in a new way emphasize how wonderful our bodies are.

Be Yourself to Have a Better Body Image star
Learning what makes you happy can lead to having a better body image. Stop trying to be the person you think others want you to be and become who you really are.

Better Self Talk star
Changing how you talk to yourself, about yourself, is an important step in improving your body image. Learn to love all parts of your body by taking a realistic look at them.

Body Image and Wanting to Change star
It can seem that wanting to change your body and having a positive sense of body image is hypocritical. That just isn't so. It all depends on your motivation for wanting to change. Check out these examples of both good and not so good reasons to make changes in your life.

Boost Your Self Esteem star
Learn how to boost your self esteem by spending quality time with yourself. It is very difficult to learn how to love yourself when the lens of self-reflection has been clouded by the views of other people. See yourself clearly with these tips.

Bucket Lists and Body Image star
Having a bucket list can improve your thoughts about yourself. Accomplishing items on the list improve your self worth and that can help you to have a better body image.

Creating a Success Journal star
According to the Law of Attraction whatever we focus on expands. All too often we concentrate on what is wrong with our bodies, our relationships and our lives. If we are focusing on what is wrong and the Law of Attraction says that what we focus on expands aren’t we getting more of what is wrong?

Develop Healthy Selfishness star
Healthy Selfishness – if you are a woman, those two little words may seem foreign to you. Most women are lacking in the area of healthy selfishness. We are taught from an early age to think that it is bad to be selfish.

Developing a Winning Mindset star
When we develop a mindset of winning, we discover our true potential. Gratitude, prioritizing, stopping procrastination and facing what is doable today, are essential skills. Work towards the good in your life and discover what an amazing person you are.

Embrace your Real Beauty star
God gave Oprah the perfect body to do what she came to earth to do. Even her obsession with her weight is a part of her unique gift to show women how to embrace their real beauty.

How Forgiveness Can Improve Your Body Image star
Holding on to past resentments and hurts can lead us to having a poor body image. These resentments can also cause us to not lead the best life possible. Forgiveness of them and of ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

How to Change Your Life star
The secret to changing your life is finding the areas in your life where positive energy is already effortlessly flowing.In this article I will give you three simple ways to change your life for the better.

How to Find True love star
If you have a negative body image because you haven’t learned how to appreciate the unique beauty of your freckles, the hump on your nose, and your thick ankles; it will be impossible to find your true love—because your true love is looking for the real you.

How to Set Better Goals star
Setting goals may make us feel like failures if we don't achieve them. You are not a failure, you have simply been using the wrong process. SMART goals, getting the right people on your side and feeling fear are all parts of living the life of your dreams.

Improve your Body Image with Beauty Affirmations star
Beauty is a state of mind. When you feel beautiful you look beautiful. Say these 19 beauty affirmation three times before going to bed and three times when you wake up in the morning. In about 90 days or so you may notice that people will begin giving you compliments about your physical beauty.

Keep Moving Forward Even Though You Have a Setback star
When working towards achieving goals, we often face setbacks. Learning what can cause these setbacks and how to deal with them, can help us be more successful in the future.

Kindness Leads to Better Body Image star
Placing your focus on what you can bring to the lives of others has a benefit of not only making their lives better, it can also make yours better too. This increase in self worth automatically leads to a better body image. Talk about a win-win for everyone!

Losing Perfectionism to Gain Self Worth star
Is your need for perfection ruining your body image? In this article we will explore how to tell if you are a perfectionist and ways of eliminating the need to always be perfect.

Love Your Body star
Learning how to accept both our best and least favorite body parts is easy to do. Change what you can and love the rest.

Mindset and Body Image star
How we think about ourselves plays a huge part in how we think about our bodies. Here are three easy tips on changing our mindset to change our body image.

New Year’s Resolutions Tips and Strategies star
New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and to follow through on those changes.

Positive Body Image Tips for Parents and Teachers star
Strategies and tips that parents and teachers can immediately incorporate to promote positive body images and high self esteem in girls.

Quotes to Boost Body Image star
There are some days when no matter how much positive self-talk we give ourselves; we just can’t feel good about how we look. Use these quotes to gain perspective on what is truly important in life.

Real Men Love Women not Dolls star
Barbie Dolls don’t ask questions. She is not going to question the alpha male about their future together, his assets or his Swedish bank accounts. She knows that her time is limited. The Barbie Doll’s youth and unchanging beauty is her greatest asset.

Recipe for a Stress Free Thanksgiving star
While family ties can be close at Thanksgiving, family tensions can run high. If your family get-together feels more like an obligation than a celebration, and causes you to overeat and beat yourself up, don't worry. You're not alone. Here are a few things you can do to help make the holiday less

Reflections star
There is a plethora of ways to improve your self-esteem – try these refections.

Self Talk and Believing in Yourself star
Self Talk and Body Image go hand in hand. As children, we learned from our parents how to think about ourselves. As adults, we are responsible on how we choose to view the world. Here are some tips on how to change our self talk.

Self-confidence is the Secret to Real Beauty star
Women hem and haw over whether or not we should wear our hair in a bun, pony-tail, or let it hang down. We practice walking in the cute, to-die-for, stilettos that hurt our feet-only when we walk. We expect our date to give us self-confidence by telling us that we are beautiful. Isn't this his job?

Smiling Improves Body Image star
“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh One of the simplest ways to improve your appearance is by smiling. It is a free and easy way to improve your mood and your health.

Stop Victim Mentality star
Playing the victim is never going to get you feeling better about yourself. Victim mentality is a learned behavior. Start today on taking small steps to breaking this way of thinking so you can better enjoy your life.

What Does Taking Care of Yourself Really Mean star
“You look great, you have really taken care of yourself.” Usually we hear this compliment being given to someone who is thin and “looks good for their age.” What does taking care of yourself really mean?

Why Women Envy Other Women star
Women envy other women who society perceives as being more beautiful or physically attractive than other females; no matter how educated, successful, wealthy or intelligent she is. She can’t see how to beat her rival because her rival is in no more control of the outcome than she is.

Why Women Hate Themselves star
Unclad, unadorned, and undisguised she was certain of her femininity. The mirror reflected but only her body; no make-up, no earrings, no shoes and no clothing; yet nothing was missing. With nothing she appeared complete, and I envied her.

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