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How To Declutter Your Mind
Have you ever found yourself struggling to remember everything you have to do? It can be a real challenge! The fix is to get what's 'up there' down on paper so you can clear the clutter and organize the rest. Get ready to declutter your mind with this two step process.

Decluttering - The Truth About Your Stuff
"Every possession is a responsibility." These few words say so much, and offer useful guidance to help determine what things deserve a space in your home and your life. Here´s how to tap into the power of this wisdom.

Smart Packing Tips
Traveling can be great fun. But packing, not so much. It can be a real headache, especially if you are worried about all the fees for checking bags and going overweight. Here are five tips that will have you packing like a pro. And, I promise, it's easier than you think.

How To Declutter and Organize Momentos
Adventures to new places often create amazing memories. But they can also create clutter. We are so completely programmed to pick up a souvenir or two, that we often do so by default. By being thoughtful at the outset you can outwit the marketers and keep clutter at bay. Try these three tips.

A Super Simple Clutter Clearing Habit That Works
Supportive habits are the foundation of any successful venture. And when it comes to clutter clearing they are absolutely key. Did you know that adopting one particular habit can help you clear more clutter than you ever imagined? It's super easy, you can build on it, and results are guaranteed.

Managing Paper Clutter
The daily mail doesn't need to overwhelm you. If you process the stuff that comes in each day, you can keep clutter at bay and stay on top of bills, invitations, and other paperwork. Here's how to take control.

Organizing Success - The Essential Element
In order to get organized you need to answer one key question with a resounding yes. Here's a clue - it's part of this triad: ready, ______ and able. Can you fill in the blank?

How To Avoid The Perfection Trap
It´s easy to think that being organized means having a picture perfect home. The truth is perfection has nothing to do with being organized. Once you stop striving for perfection you set yourself free to pursue what really matters. Only then can you define what being organized means for you.

Four Ways To Be Organized Right Now
Do you envy the organized? Do you wish you felt like you had things under control? Here's some good news - you can start being organized anytime. Want to start right now? Here are four ideas that you can implement without any prework - no sorting, no purging - these are all about doing and being!

Relaxing Leads To Greater Productivity
Does it seem like you're always on the go, always facing down an endless to-do list? Want to get it done faster, with more efficiency? This may seem counter intuitive but it works - take a break! Give yourself the gift of time to relax. You'll return to your routine with more energy!

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