Think of organization as a great gift to yourself. It can help you be your best and get more out of life. Here are some ideas and resources.

"The Freedom to Make a Big, Fat Mess" star
Being organized doesn't mean things are always perfect, but it *does* mean that it's much easier to bounce back from the craziness and chaos of life.

BellaOnline´s Living Simply site star
Getting organized and living simply often go hand and hand. Take a look at BellaOnline´s Living Simply site for tips on how to make the most of life without being overwhelmed by it.

Creating a Personal Mission Statement : Getting Started star
A personal mission statement is a great tool for helping you clarify what really matters to you, how you want to live, and what actions you can take to focus on your priorities and shape the life you want. For ideas and tips on creating your own mission statement, read on.

Creating a Personal Mission Statement : Goals, Values, and Priorities star
Once you´ve written a personal mission statement, it´s time to put it to work for you! Here´s how to make sure your mission statement reflects your goals, values, and priorities, and some simple ways to put it into practice.

Developing Organizing Habits star
You did the hard part - you finally got organized! However, there is a difference between getting organized and being organized. That difference is habit. If you want to maintain things and stay organized you have to create the right habits. Here's what you need to know to make that happen.

FlyLady star[offsite link]
The FlyLady not only offers a helpful program for getting yourself on the road to being organized; she also reminds you of why you´re worth the effort.

Four Gifts to Give Yourself in 2007 star
Some of the best gifts you can give yourself for the new year don�t require any shopping and don�t cost a dime. Choose one (or all four!) of these priceless gifts to help make 2007 your best year yet.

Gracefully Falling off the Organizing Wagon (and Getting Back on) star
There comes a time for all of us when life gets in the way of our best organizing intentions. Here´s one way to gracefully fall of the organizing wagon, regroup, and get back on.

How To Find Balance star
Staying organized is much easier when life is in balance. But balance can be elusive. Why? Because of liabilities. Liabilities throw us off kilter. Are you letting liabilities into your life? If so, you'll want to read on to find out what you should do instead. Hint: It's all about assets.

How to Live Within Your Means star
"Living within your means" involves not only spending more money than you can afford to, but also achieving equilibrium in other areas of your life: your space, your possessions, and your schedule.

How to Organize Medical Information star
Dealing with everyday paperwork is challenging enough; trying to keep tabs on medical papers can be even harder. The solution is to create a healthcare binder. Not only is it simple - it's smart. Being an organized, engaged patient puts you in control. Better results all around will be the outcome.

Learn How To Say No star
Overcommitting is one of the fastest ways to undo your organizing efforts. But saying no to requests for your time can be a challenge. We are hard wired to want to please people. The good news - saying no is skill you can learn. Here's what you need to do in order to master the art of saying no.

Letting Go of Sunk Costs star
Are there things in your life you're holding onto not because you need them, use them, or even particularly like them, but only because you've spent money on them? Here's why such clutter can be especially frustrating, and how to make peace with letting it go.

Looking Back at Your Organizing Goals from the Past Year star
Before you make organizing-related resolutions for the new year, take some time to look back at what went well this past year and what you learned. Your goals for the months ahead will be more powerful and effective as a result.

Organizing Against Identity Theft star
The bad news is that identity theft is an increasingly serious problem; the good news is that there are simple steps you can take to help protect yourself from this crime--and feel more organized and secure. Put these tips to work and help safeguard your identity.

Organizing Success - The Essential Element star
In order to get organized you need to answer one key question with a resounding yes. Here's a clue - it's part of this triad: ready, ______ and able. Can you fill in the blank?

Relaxing Leads To Greater Productivity star
Does it seem like you're always on the go, always facing down an endless to-do list? Want to get it done faster, with more efficiency? This may seem counter intuitive but it works - take a break! Give yourself the gift of time to relax. You'll return to your routine with more energy!

Taking a Closer Look at Hoarding star
A new reality TV show on A&E portrays compulsive hoarders and their struggles to overcome their hoarding habits. Here's some information on what hoarding is (and isn't) and how to find help if you or someone you know is a hoarder.

When Is a Bargain Not a Bargain? star
Items purchased simply because they're "bargains," and not because they're things we actually need, use, and love, can be major sources of clutter--not to mention guilt, frustration, and wasted money. Here's how to identify and avoid un-bargains.

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