An organized home is one of the best things in life. Here are recommendations, ideas, and products aimed at helping you get your house in order.

4 Good Reasons to Simplify star
Need a good reason to de-clutter your space and simplify your life? Here are four, all tried and true.

4 Quick Ways to Avoid Clutter star
Keeping clutter away doesn´t need to take lots of time, effort, or energy. Use these four tips to get your space and your stuff in order quickly and easily.

A Place For Everything star
A place for everything and everything in its place. It's a statement to embrace if you want to stay organized. But how do you decide on a place for everything? It's easy if you think about how and where you use your belongings. These tips will help you choose the perfect home for your stuff.

A Place For Everything, Everything In Its Place star
A big part of being organized is having easy access to the things you need. The adage a place for everything and everything in its place is so simple, but so true. The benefits of embracing this idea are many. Are you enjoying them?

An Attic Organizing Odyssey star
Want a dose of organizing inspiration--as well as an in-depth look into someone else's attic? A recent article series in the Washington Post shows how an attic can go from cluttered and unusable to functional inviting over a series of weeks.

Are Your Organizing Systems Working? star
Wondering where your once organized life got derailed? Want to get back to that in control place? The fix could be easier than you imagined. Small tweaks make a world of difference. Not sure what this means? Read on to find out why evaluating your organizing systems is so important.

Avoiding Information Overload star
Are newspapers, magazines, radio shows, TV, and online info cluttering up your life? Use these three tips to balance the desire to stay informed with the need to avoid overload.

Bathroom organizers star[offsite link]
Get your bathroom pulled together with these functional organizing tools.

Change of Season Organizing star
This year, before stashing your summer gear in storage and taking out your fall supplies, take some time to organize what´s coming and going for a less stressful, more organized seasonal switch. Here´s how.

Clear Your Clutter with a Garage Sale star
Turn your extra stuff into cash--and de-clutter your house in the process--by having a garage sale. These 9 tips will show you how.

Clutter Clearing Made Easy star
Clutter clearing can be a challenge. How do you decide what you should keep? How do you decide what to toss? Three super simple, practically magical questions will give you the answer every time.

Control Clutter Before It Starts star
Clutter is controllable. If that's true, why do so many of us have clutter to start with? It's because clutter is tricky. Without even knowing it, we can invite clutter into our homes. Read on to learn the three words you should be alert for. They are a sure sign you are about to encounter clutter

Dealing with Roadblocks star
On the path to organization, you´re bound to run into a few roadblocks. But while these sticky spots might be unavoidable, they´re not insurmountable. Use these four tips to get unstuck and keep moving forward.

Decrease Clutter by Going Digital, Part 1: Music star
You might not think of technology as a tool to help you avoid clutter, but that's exactly what it can be. Start by digging yourself out of those stacks of cd's, tapes, and record albums by going digital. Here's how.

Earth-Friendly Electronics Recycling star
Honor Earth Day and declutter your home or office at the same time by getting rid of your unused, unwanted electronics in an environmentally friendly way. Here are several resources aimed at helping you do just that.

Earth-Friendly Organizing : Clearing Clutter star
You can help the planet and help avoid clutter at the same time by reducing the amount of stuff that comes into your home or office. Read on for simple tips and suggestions on steering clear of what you don´t truly want or need.

Earth-Friendly Organizing : Reducing and Reusing star
Celebrate Earth Day any day with these tips, ideas, and resources on ways to get organized, de-clutter, and help the planet all at the same time.

Eight Essential Guidelines For Staying Organized star
Have you ever wondered why some people manage to stay organized? And to add insult to injury they still have free time? Well, they aren't special, but they do consistently practice the Essential Eight. Tried and true, these eight guidelines work! Try them yourself and start reaping the benefits.

Expandable trunk carryall star[offsite link]
Keep groceries, toys, sports equipment, and car accessories from traveling all over your trunk by corralling them in this handy carryall.

Feng Shui 101 star
You´ve probably heard of feng shui, but you may not know what it is, how it relates to organization, or what it´s supposed to do for you. Read on for an overview of this ancient art and how it can help our modern lives.

Five Easy Home Organizing Tips star
Organizing tips abound. We all have different needs, so choice is good. Here are some simple tips to use right now. The focus is on the home and family. If you have ever struggled with letting go of perfectly usable, but no longer needed stuff, you will want to check out the last tip for sure!

Garage star
Organizing doesn´t stop at the front (or back) door; getting your garage in order can help reduce stress, make it easier to store and find sports equipment, holiday decorations, tools and yard equipment. And give you space to park your car.

Home Inventory 101 star
Do you really know what�s under your roof? A home inventory helps you track the things you own and prepare the information you�d need if you ever had to make an insurance claim for a loss. Here�s the who, what, when, where, why, and how of doing a home inventory.

How To Avoid The Perfection Trap star
It´s easy to think that being organized means having a picture perfect home. The truth is perfection has nothing to do with being organized. Once you stop striving for perfection you set yourself free to pursue what really matters. Only then can you define what being organized means for you.

How to Donate or Dispose of Almost Anything star
If there's stuff cluttering up your space because you don't want to send it to the landfill but also don't know where to donate or recycle it, fear not! These comprehensive directories offer ideas on how to responsibly get rid of nearly anything.

How to Downsize Your Home star
No one loves to move. It's even more stressful when you are downsizing. You can't take it all. How do you decide what to let go and what to keep? All that decision making has the potential to be stressful. But it needn't be if you follow this process.

How To Make Moving Easy star
Moving can be overwhelming. Like lots of other overwhelming task people tend to put off starting. But if you start early, moving can be an enjoyable (yes, really!) experience with many added benefits. Read on to see how easy it can be.

Identifying and Avoiding Unitaskers star
An elaborate plastic gadget designed to cut butter. A card game that lets you play Rock, Paper, Scissors. An electronic do-dad that chills a can of pop when you plug it into your laptop. What do these things have in common, and why do they cause clutter? Read on to find out.

Making Organizing Fun star
Though getting organized isn´t tops on anyone´s list of fun things to do, it doesn´t need to feel like drudgery, either. These ideas can help make your next organizing project a bit more lively--and maybe even fun.

My Organized Life´s Home Zone star[offsite link]
My Organized Life offers organizing articles and tips in five different zones; the Home zone features articles and ideas on making your home the comfortable, inviting, organized place it´s meant to be.

Organize to Stop Junk Mail & Telemarketers star
Unsolicited communications like junk mail and telemarketing force us to use precious time and energy, right? Wouldn't it be great if you could easily keep your mailbox clutter free and stop the sales calls? You can with just a little effort. Here are tried and true ways to stop the inflow fast!

Organize Your Junk Drawer star
Do you cringe each time you open your junk drawer? Take control over this "treasure trove" by getting it organized. Here´s how.

Organized Moving: Surviving Moving Week star
Keep the stress and chaos of moving week in check with these tips on how to pull off an organized move.

Organized Moving: Unpacking and Settling In star
After you´ve moved, make a great start in your new home by creating an unpacking plan, deciding what´s really important to your life now, and exploring your new surroundings.

OrganizedHome.com star[offsite link]
Great free printable forms for managing your home.

Organizing for Emergencies star
Being prepared for emergencies doesn´t mean living in fear or always assuming the worst; it means taking some simple steps to plan and prepare so that we´re ready if trouble should strike. Read on for some quick and important ways to get organized for emergencies.

Organizing for Spring: the Bathroom star
Yes, it´s possible to make your bathroom an organized and calm place to be, even if it´s at the center of a busy household. Here´s how.

Organizing for Spring: the Bedroom star
Make your bedroom the oasis of calm and relaxation it was meant to be by clearing out the clutter and making some small, simple improvements. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Put Your Unwanted Stuff to Good Use star
Do a great thing for yourself *and* others: weed out your unwanted stuff and donate it to people and groups who can use it. Here are some ideas and resources on ways to give your old things new lives.

Reconsidering Antiques and Collectibles star
Are you holding onto antiques and collectible items in the hope that they'll be worth something someday? It might turn out that this stuff is just taking up space. Read on for seven pointers on determining what has value and finding good homes for things you're ready to let go of.

Recycling organizers star[offsite link]
Recycling and trash night may never be fun, but getting organized can at least make it less painful. These gadgets are also useful at keeping things like plastic bags and reusable papers in order so they´re easy to grab when you need them.

Shelving and storage from Design Within Reach star[offsite link]
Design Within Reach has some truly beautiful and functional shelves on offer. Though their products aren´t the least expensive you´ll find on the market, they´re high quality and very distinctive. If you´re looking for a way to splurge on organizing solutions, this is it.

Simple Organizing Strategies That Work star
Getting organized is truly a worthwhile goal. Organization makes life so much better. Sadly, many people think it's just too difficult to do, so they do nothing. Here are five simple strategies that make getting and staying organized much easier. Implement one or all, and get ready to see results!

Spring Organizing star
Get a jump on spring by taking some time over the next few weeks to get organized. Here are some ideas on how to lighten up and welcome the season.

Toy storage star[offsite link]
Get kids in on the organizing action, too! Clear, colorful, and kid-friendly bins, boxes, and other storage containers make it easy (and perhaps even fun) for kids to keep their stuff organized.

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