Keep your files and stacks of paper under control with these recommendations and ideas.

A Quick Way to Decrease Mail Clutter star
Got a spare minute--and I do literally mean 60 seconds--in your day? Then you can cut your mail clutter significantly. Here's a fast, simple, effective way to start to regain control over your mailbox.

Accordion files from the Container Store star[offsite link]
Accordion files (also called expanding letter files) are a great way to corral paper. They have tabs to separate papers into categories, and expand to hold quite a bit of paper. Use these to store tax information, bills to pay, kids´ report cards, and manuals/warranties for appliances and electronics.

An Easy Way to Organize Your Vital Papers star
One of the most important things you can do is make sure your vital information--things like financial account info, your Social Security card, and emergency contact lists--is organized and easy to find. Here´s one product designed to help you do just that, and why I think it works so well.

Can You Go Paperless? star
Paper tends to be one of life´s biggest frustrations, and we hear a lot these days about going paperless. But is it really possible to get away from paper completely, and if so, what do you need to know? Read on for the answers.

Controlling Paper with the Tickler System star
Up to your neck in paper? Try using the super simple, but incredibly effective tickler system. It helps you easily keep track of all of the action papers in your life and so much more. Use the tickler system and you will never have to worry about 'losing' important papers again!

Creating a Tickler File star
Sure, a tickler file sounds odd (feathers? Elmo?), but it´s really an effective and easy-to-use tool for keeping track of papers and To Do´s. Read on for instructions on setting one up.

Decrease Clutter by Going Digital, Part 2: Paper star
Overwhelmed by paper? Going digital can help clear out some of your paper-based clutter, make filing and recordkeeping easier, and help prevent some of those headaches that result from having to deal with stacks of paper.

Desktop paper organizers star[offsite link]
Sometimes file folders just don´t cut it, especially when you´re dealing with small pieces of paper or files that get pretty large. These closed folders are a good way of keeping papers organized and accessible without having to resort to piles.

Filling and Using Your Tickler File star
A tickler file is a great way to keep track of important papers and tasks. Once you´ve set up your file, you´re ready to fill it and start using it. Here´s how to do both of those things.

Get Your Paper Files in Shape for the Year Ahead star
February is the perfect time to clear out last year's files and get your system set up for smooth sailing in the year ahead. Here are 4 steps to take to get your files in shape.

Managing Paper Clutter star
The daily mail doesn't need to overwhelm you. If you process the stuff that comes in each day, you can keep clutter at bay and stay on top of bills, invitations, and other paperwork. Here's how to take control.

Organizing Coupons and Gift Cards star
Coupons and gift cards can be great money-savers, but if they're not organized and easily accessible, you'll be less likely to use them. Here's how to bring some order to them so it's easy to put them to use.

Paper Organization - What to Keep, What to Toss star
Managing paper can be overwhelming. The biggest issue stems from knowing what papers to keep and what can be safely tossed. How long should you keep a bank statement? Do you even need to keep utility bills? What should you do with receipts? Learn the answer to these challenging questions here.

Paper Organization Made Easy star
Paper organization or paper management, it doesn't matter what you call, we all have to deal with it. So many decisions have to be made; it can be downright overwhelming! Well, your worries are over! Paper clutter is no match for this 3 step process that will help you get all your paper organized!

Save Space, Stress, and Time with a Digital Diet star
How much space could you save by switching to digital documents? Creating electronic versions of the documents and papers that clutter up your space, and then storing them online, can help keep your home organized and your sanity intact. Here's how to go on your own digital diet.

Simple Steps to an Effective Filing System star
Getting--and keeping--the papers in your life organized is much easier when you have an effective system for sorting and storing them. Here's how to create (or update) a paper organizing system that works for you.

Tips For Going Paperless star
Is the idea of going paperless appealing? It is for lots of people. Many have taken steps in that direction and they are reaping the benefits. They are saving time and money, while reducing stress. If you are ready to enjoy the rewards of having less paper, here are four ideas to get you started.

What records to keep and how long to keep them star[offsite link]
This is one of the best sets of guidelines I´ve seen for how long you need to keep financial and other records. Though you should always consult with your tax preparer or attorney before throwing away papers you might need, the recommendations BankRate gives are a great place to start your sorting.

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