First Steps

Getting over the hurdles that stand between you and organization can be a big challenge. These resources can help.

3 Steps to More Achievable Resolutions star
No matter what your New Year's resolution--from finally getting organized to taking control of your time to living a healthier life--these 3 steps can help put you on the path to success.

5 More Quick and Painless Organizing Projects star
Organizing projects don�t always need to be large or time-consuming to have a positive impact, as these five prove.

5 Quick Ways to Visually De-Clutter star
Getting organized for good takes time. While you´re at it, though, making small, simple, highly visible changes to the space around you is a great way to stay motivated and reap the rewards of your work. Here are five painless ways to change the looks of your space.

A Smarter Way to Make Resolutions star
This year, before making another set of resolutions that are driven by "should"s and may be hard to stick to, take some time to think about what you really want from the months ahead, and then set your goals accordingly.

Are Your Shoulds Keeping You from Getting Organized? star
Sometimes the things we think we *should* do get in the way of organization. Here are three common shoulds that can trip you up, and ways to get past them.

Avoiding Someday-I-Will... Clutter: Clothing star
What are you holding onto because it's related to something you intend to do...someday? In this article (part 2 in a series), we look at ways of dealing with "someday I will..." clutter related to weight loss.

Avoiding Someday-I-Will... Clutter: Trips & Travel star
Clutter related to our intentions, aspirations, and "someday" plans can be among the most frustrating kinds of clutter we face. In this article (part 1 in a series), we look at ways of dealing with "someday I will..." clutter related to trips and travel.

Clean-Slate Organizing star
Sometimes it's easier to approach an organizing project as a blank canvas, rather than as a completed painting that you need to change. Here's why clean-slate organizing can work so well, and the 5 steps that will help you put the concept into practice.

Decluttering Benefits star
Clutter clearing be a challenge. That's not news, but there is a simple way to make clearing clutter less of a chore. Adopt a new mindset. Learn how to look at space and stuff in a new way and you will find decluttering becomes practically joyful.

Get Motivated To Get Organized star
Struggling with getting organized? Maybe you just need a little help getting motivated. Getting clear on why you are getting organized helps make doing the actual work so much easier. Here a five motivating reasons to get organized now!

Get Organized - Create A Vision For Success star
Ready to be organized, but not sure how to start? The first step in getting organized is getting clear on why you want to. Creating a vision of your organized life will help you get and stay organized. Learn how simple it is create your own. If you want success, you won't want to skip this step.

Getting Organized Means Taking Risks star
Getting organized can sometimes be simple, but it´s rarely easy. One hard truth about organization is that it often requires taking a few risks. Here´s what can happen when we try to make organizing risk-free, and why some risks are worth taking.

How To Declutter in 7 Simple Steps star
Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Ready to be organized? Help is here! Learn how easy it is to declutter and get organized. Follow the 7 simple steps and you can free yourself from clutter for good.

How to Get Rid of Stuff You're Ready to Part With star
I recently set out a challenge: can you get rid of the things that are clogging up, bringing down, or otherwise not adding value to your life? Whether you´ve taken that challenge or just need ideas on what to do with things you´re ready to part with, read on for some donation and disposal ideas.

How To Simplify Your Life star
Does your life ever feel complicated, chaotic or crazy? It doesn't have to. There is an easy antidote. What's called for is some simplifying. It's easier to do than you might imagine. This four step process will guide from start to finish. Here is a hint, you will start by stopping.

Life Organizers star[offsite link]
Regardless of what kind of organizing you´re looking to do--from a quick drawer cleanout to a house-wide overhaul--chances are extremely good you´ll find articles, tips, and recommendations on it here.

Making Organizing Resolutions that Stick star
Each January, the start of the new year and Get Organized Month, millions of us vow to get organized. This year, set yourself up for success with your organizing resolutions by following these three steps.

Messies Anonymous star[offsite link]
Sandra Felton´s Messies Anonymous program is a great way of finding and maintaining the inspiration to clear the clutter from your home and your life. This site features links to MA´s daily newsletter, online support, and books and tapes.

My #1 Organizing Tip star
Above all else, organizing involves allowing into your life only the things you use, need, love, or find beautiful. Here´s how to determine what those things are, and how to clear out clutter in the process.

My #4 Organizing Tip - Organizing Is a Habit star
Getting organized isn´t a one-time event: it requires developing a few habits that will stick with you over time, and that will allow you to make organization part of your everyday life. Here´s how to get organized to last.

My #5 Organizing Tip - Focus More on Why than on How star
Here´s the last in a series of tips focusing on what´s behind getting organized and what to keep in mind as you bring order to your space. This week, read why it´s helpful to focus more on the *why* of organizing than the *how*.

Organizing 101 star
Regardless of whether you´re organizing things, space, or time, the basic steps involved are the same. Here´s an overview of how to work through the organizing process.

Organizing and Green Guilt star
There´s plenty you can do to care for the earth and our environment and to reduce waste. But what happens when concern about being "green" leads to holding onto things that just cause clutter and stress? Read on for an overview of "green guilt," why it´s not helpful, and how to avoid it.

Organizing Myths - Don't Believe Them star
Is an organizing myth preventing you from reaching your goals? Do you think it costs money or takes too much time to get organized? If you do, you are buying into myths. Learn the truth and shed the excuses. You really can get organized if you truly want to.

Organizing vs. Decluttering star
Faced with an out-of-control hall closet, kitchen drawer, desktop, or calendar? You might think, "I need to get organized!" Before trying to put systems in place, though, there's a critical step you need to take: decluttering. Here's why.

Overcoming Hurdles to Clearing Clutter star
Clearing clutter isn't complicated. It's actually fairly simple. So why don't we just do it? Oh yeah, the pesky getting started thing. That's the big challenge! Read on to learn about getting started and outwitting clutter.

Overcoming Organizing Obstacles : Beat Unrealistic Expectations star
As you get organized, chances are you´ll run into an obstacle somewhere along the way. In this article (part 1 of 2), you´ll find some ideas on how to deal with those obstacles when they arise and how to keep moving forward.

Overcoming Overwhelm in One Step star
Overwhelmed by all you have to do? Feeling stuck? Sometimes we can hardly see the forest for the trees. Progress stops and we feel worse. What's a person to do in this situation? Never fear, there is a trick that works wonders. It's simple and you can put it into action right now!

Reconsidering Storage Units star
Are you spending more on storing your stuff each month than you're spending on yourself? Could the money you spend on storage go to better uses? Does the stuff you have in storage really deserve to be in your life? If you rent a storage unit, now is a great time to reconsider whether you need it.

Setting SMART Organizing Goals star
Setting goals is a good way to set yourself up for organizing success--and setting SMART goals is even better. Here´s what makes a goal SMART, along with questions to ask yourself when you´re ready to give your own goals a boost.

Show Your Stuff Some Tough Love star
Most of us know we have more stuff than we really need or use, but it can be difficult to part with it. Here are three of the most common excuses for holding onto things, as well as ways to get beyond them and show your stuff some tough love.

Stop Clutter & Disorganization Before They Start star
As Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"--words that are especially true when it comes to organization. Here are 5 simple, straightforward ways to keep clutter and disorder at bay.

Systems & Habits, the 2 Halves of Organizing star
For lasting organizing success, you need the dynamic duo of systems and habits. Here are 3 common organizing systems, along with some habits that will help keep them running smoothly and functioning well.

The Results of Our Organizing Challenge star
The results are in! The recent organizing challenge I set forth inspired many of you to reconsider the things you allow to remain in your life. Here are some examples of things that got the heave-ho, as well as some lessons learned from the challenge.

The Rightsizing Bill of Rights star
Is stuff taking over your life? If so, it's time to remember your rights. Real estate agent Eric Stewart has written a Rightsizing Bill of Rights to help you do just that. Here are 5 of my favorite passages from that bill.

Using Before and After Pictures to Get Organized star
You´ve probably seen "before and after" pictures on home makeover TV shows or in magazine articles, but did you know that they can also be useful for simple organizing projects? Read on to learn more.

What Causes Clutter? star
Have you tried to declutter and been frustrated by your lack of progress? In order to be truly successful at clearing and controlling clutter, it's important to know why you have it to begin with. Discover the root cause (or causes) of your clutter and watch your clutter disappear!

Worthwhile Organizing Investments star
You don´t need to spend lots of money to get organized, but making a few smart investments can help make the organizing process easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient. Here are four smart ways to invest.

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