We never seem to have enough of it, and sometimes wish there were at least 25 hours in a day. Time management and organization can help you get more done in less time.

3 Ways to Minimize Distractions star
While it´s probably not possible to make it through the day without encountering at least a few distractions (ringing phones, kids and bosses clamoring for your attention, a steady flow of e-mail), it´s entirely possible to minimize them. Here are three ways of keeping control over your day.

5 Great Ideas on Productivity and Time Management star
Julie Morgenstern's "Never Check E-mail in the Morning" is full of great ideas on getting more done in less time and with less stress. Here are five of my favorite tips from the book.

Choosing a Time Management Tool star
With such a broad range of time management systems available--from simple paper calendars to intricate electronic devices--choosing the one that will work best for you can be tricky. These four questions can help make the decision an easier one, and can help get you started with a tool you´ll stick

Day-Timer star[offsite link]
A site with time management tools to help you organize your time. Day-Timer has Planners, Software, Handhelds, and Paper.

Determine How Much Free Time You Really Have star
Where does the time go? That's the eternal question. To find an actual answer to that question you need to account for every hour. You may surprised at where and how you are spending your hours. Read on to learn why it's important to know where your times goes .

Filofax star[offsite link]
Filofax makes a wide variety of calendars and inserts, so you can create a planner system to suit your life and your schedule.

Franklin Covey star[offsite link]
Franklin Covey has a huge selection of calendars, schedules, and other time management tools that you can customize so they work just for you.

Get Organized in Five Minutes star
When you are surrounded by clutter, the very idea of decluttering can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are short on time. Many people falsely think they need a big block of time to get organized. You can get organized even if you have just five minutes to spare. Read on to learn how.

Get Things Done - How To Schedule for Productivity star
Have you ever had so much to do you weren't sure how you would ever get it done? Perhaps you've experienced working hard but having little or nothing to show for your efforts. That downward spiral to the land of overwhelm is not a fun ride. Here's a simple way to get yourself back on track fast!

Get Things Done - Use a To-Do List star
To-do lists help you get things done. Let a professional organizer show you how to create an effective to-do list. Get the the insider tips that will have you crossing off to-do's faster than you ever imagined! Be more productive, be more effective! See it, do it, be done with it!

Getting Things Done star[offsite link]
David Allen´s Getting Things Done is one of the most popular and well-respected resources on time management, and understandably so. His program for both tracking and *doing* the things on your To Do list really and truly works.

Getting Things Done cd star[offsite link]
David Allen presents his book Getting Things Done on cd.

GTD Times star[offsite link]
GTD Times, the official blog of the David Allen Company (creators of "Getting Things Done"), includes articles, videos, and tips on applying the principles of Getting Things Done to various aspects of life.

How To Choose The Perfect Planner star
Never miss an appointment again. Manage your time better. Learn how to choose the perfect planner, one that meets your unique needs. Follow these tips to easily end the frustration and embarrassment that overlooked commitments brings.

How To Declutter Your Mind star
Have you ever found yourself struggling to remember everything you have to do? It can be a real challenge! The fix is to get what's 'up there' down on paper so you can clear the clutter and organize the rest. Get ready to declutter your mind with this two step process.

How to Organize Errands star
Errands, ugh! No one wants to do them, but they have to get done. A little planning goes a long way toward making errand running more manageable. These easy tips will help you save time, energy and money (gas is expensive!).

Lessons Learned from a Week-Long Time Audit star
Having just finished a week-long time audit, I now have a better sense of where my time goes each day, for better or worse. Here are some of the challenges I faced during the audit, some insights I gained, and some changes I intend to make based on what I've discovered.

Making Multi-Tasking Work star
Multi-tasking often isn´t as effective as it might seem, but sometimes it´s unavoidable. Here´s why to think twice about it, and how to make it work when it´s a necessity.

Organize Your Day with Morning Routines star
Do mornings make you crazy? Do you feel rushed, stressed, or disorganized? It's east to fix, you just need to adopt a morning routine. Routines are an incredible tool. They eliminate chaos and bring a real sense of control. Here's how how to make your mornings perfectly peaceful.

Overcome Procrastination with a Change of Venue star
Do you find yourself procrastinating on a project that's important but difficult or unappealing? Take yourself away from distractions and hone your focus by getting away from your home or office to tackle whatever you need to work on. Here's how and why a change of venue works.

Overcoming Procrastination on Difficult Projects star
Procrastination hits all of us sooner or later. In this article, the first in an occasional series, we´ll look at one of the most common causes of procrastination and three realistic solutions.

Overcoming Procrastination on Unexciting Projects star
Do you keep putting off that project that seems far too boring to deal with? Use these techniques to overcome procrastination on tasks that are anything but exciting.

Projects, Tasks, and Next Action Thinking star
Getting your To Do list done can be a challenge when it's full of multi-step projects instead of one-bite actions. Here's how to tell the difference between the two and how to learn the skill of "Next Action" thinking.

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire Help? star
There's a lot to be said for self-sufficiency, but sometimes enlisting help for your tasks and projects is the more efficient, intelligent way to go. Here's how to determine what to tackle on your own and what to delegate to someone else.

Take The Easy Way and Be More Efficient star
Staying organized takes effort. But there is a way you can minimize the effort and gain more free time. Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's actually easy. Specifically, it's about choosing the easy way. The trick - forget about what's expected and look for a simpler, more efficient path.

The Busy Woman star[offsite link]
The Busy Woman has a wide selection of planners, time management tools, and other organizing aids designed specifically for, well, busy women!

Time Management - Take Control of Your Minutes star
Having a to-do list is well known time management strategy, but it will only get you so far. If you are ready to increase your productivity put these simple tips into action. They are easy to implement and will help you make the most of every day.

Time Management from the Inside Out star[offsite link]
Julie Morgenstern is one of the best-known professional organizers in the world, and with good reason: she´s down-to-earth and full of good advice, and she definitely knows her stuff. Time Management from the Inside Out is an invaluable resource if you´re looking to get your schedule under control and make the most of your time.

WhoMi Color-Coded Weekly Planner Review star
It´s time to start planning for 2008! This article series will offer reviews of a series of planners, both paper and electronic, to help you make the smartest choice. First up: a colorful and clever option from WhoMi.

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