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Material for films is often gathered from the other creative arts, such as novels and plays.

Bio-pics continue to be a popular genre in film and actors frequently win awards for playing these real-life characters.

Books About Film
Books that cover the world of film from both popular and academic perspectives.

Costume Dramas
Films that transport the viewer to past moments in time.

Crime Dramas
The protagonist could be a cop or a criminal in this genre that explores the illicit and dangerous side of life.

Using the same dramatic elements as narrative films, documentaries inform us about the world in which we live.

Domestic Dramas
The home is often where life?s fiercest struggles take place. These films depict the conflicts inherent in the relationships between women and their husbands, lovers, children, parents, and employers.

Film Personalities
Essays on people working creatively in the world of film.

Film Theory/History
Articles that explore the development of film as an art form and also look forward to its future.

Guilty Pleasures
These films make enjoyable viewing despite their flaws.

Independent Films
Independent filmmakers have smaller budgets but more freedom to create.

International Films
Films that originate from different cultures around the world.

Love Stories
Films that consider love in all its forms.

Silent Drama
Alfred Hitchcock is only one of many filmmakers to describe silent film as the purest form of cinema. Can silent film survive in the 21st Century?

Films that explore contemporary political issues and films that keep us on edge.

The Horse in Cinema
Horses are inherently cinematic and have provided subject material for filmmakers since the beginning of the medium. These films explore the powerful bond that forms between humans and horses.

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